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Property Auctions: Image of an auction gavel in front of a model house


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Signposts pointing in various directions. What's the best way to sell your house?

What's the best way to sell a house in 2021?

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Man and woman receive email about house sale fallen through

Can a buyer pull out after making an offer?

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Lady calculating inheritance tax with a laptop, paperwork and calculator

Introduction to Inheritance Tax: How Much Is It, Tax-Free Thresholds, And More

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Builder looking at watch: How long does subsidence take to fix?

How long does it take to fix subsidence?

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Lady reviewing expensive bills.

Quick Overview: Is Subsidence Going To Be Expensive To Fix?

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Image of a frustrated man with a laptop over his head after his sale has just fallen through

Why do so many house sales fall through? (And how to get things back on track)

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Lady pretending to fly in a cardboard box as her partner pushes her along... They must have had a fast house sale!

What's the fastest way to sell a house?

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Image of a frustrated man after his sale has fallen through! Can he transfer his mortgage offer to a new purchase?

What happens to your mortgage offer if your sale falls through?

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Image of money slipping through a man's hands

Do Solicitors Charge if a House Sale Falls Through?

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Image of a house with severe subsidence.

Subsidence: Absolutely everything you need to know

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Image of the "Versus" letters: Selling your house by auction vs selling with an estate agent

Selling a House By Auction vs Estate Agent: What are the differences?

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Man protecting risky Jenga stack... Buying property at auction comes with risks!

Buying property at auction: What are the main risks?

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Image of a lady researching on a laptop and making notes. What do you need to do before bidding at an auction?

What to do before bidding at a property auction

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Image of a winner on stage - not quite what happens when you win a house at auction, but you get the idea.

How to Win: A Tactical Guide for Property Auction Success

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Graph of annual property auction sales, with a thinking emoji and red arrow

How many properties sell by auction each year? (And more property auction stats)

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Image of two people in negotiations sat opposite each other with hands clasped: Pre-auction sales involve negotiations.

The Complete Guide to Buying a House Before Auction

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Selling a house with subsidence by auction... From 9,000 miles away! Main Image

Case Study: Finding out your property has subsidence… When you're 9,000 miles away

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Image of a bag of money with the word "loan" on it. Can you get a loan for an auction property?

Can I get a mortgage on an auction property, or are auctions cash only?

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Image of a lawyer and a gavel. Buying property at auction is serious business, and you face legal consequences if you can't complete afterwards.

What happens if you win a property auction but can't pay?

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Image of an old-school chronometer (timer) - the clock's ticking after you win an auction.

How long do you have to pay after an auction?

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Image of a property withdrawn from an auction. Why does this happen?

Why would a property be withdrawn from auction? (And what should you do next)

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Image of a bungalow for sale by auction. Caption: How to sell your house by auction

How To Auction A House: Your 15-Step Guide To Success

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The main benefits of selling your house at auction - couple celebrate selling their house by auction in front of a laptop

17 Benefits of Selling Your House At Auction (Including what real customers say)

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Couple regretting their decision to buy a house! Can a buyer pull out after auction?

Can a buyer pull out after auction? (And what are the penalties?

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Image of frustrated man: What happens if no one bids on your house at auction and if it fails to sell?

What happens if your house doesn't sell at auction?

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Hand shake over a property auction deal: Do houses usually sell at auction?

Do Houses Usually Sell At Auction? (And how to boost your chances)

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Surveyor in front of a property. Is it possible to get a survey on an auction property?

Can you get a survey on an auction property?

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Image of an empty party: What happens if there's only one bidder at a property auction?

What happens if there’s only one bidder at a property auction?

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Racers at a starting line. Concept image do the article "do auctions start at the guide price?"

Do property auctions start at the guide price?

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Picture of a Japanese Knotweed infestation. Get help identifying it to make sure.

How To Identify Japanese Knotweed (Free Tools & Services)

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Lady waiting watching her phone. What time does completion take place on completion day?

What time of day is completion?

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Image of a man with coins slipping through fingers: Can property auction sales fall through?

Can Property Auction Sales Fall Through? (And how to prevent them)

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Image of UK houses overlooking London

Property Auctions: Can You Offer Less Than The Guide Price?

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Image of an auction "for sale" board outside a property

The Two Main Reasons Houses Go To Auction

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Image of a toolbox and other tools. Should you roll your sleeves up and prepare your home for sale by auction, or sell as-is?

Should You Prepare Your Home For Sale At Auction?

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Image of Japanese Knotweed

Can You Sell A House With Japanese Knotweed? (And how to do it)

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Auctioneer holding a gavel

How Accurate Are Guide Prices At Property Auctions? (Actual Data)

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Image of an auction gavel with coins.

Why Are Property Auction Fees So High? (And are they worth it?)

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Image of model houses with a question mark above them

What Types of Property Are Suitable For Auction?

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Modern method of auction: Image of a digital gavel

Modern Method of Auction: A Step-By-Step Guide To Success

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How long do auctions usually last? Image of multiple bidders for a property

How Long Does a Property Auction Last? (Answered By The Auctions Themselves)

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Do houses sell for less at auction? Image of a model house with question marks

Do Houses Sell For Less At Auction? (And how to get the best price)

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Do I need a solicitor when buying a house at auction: Image of a frustrated tired kid with a pile of books

Buying A House At Auction: Do I Need A Solicitor?

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