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Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper is an experienced property insider, Internet entrepreneur, trusted media commentator, and the Founder of Home Selling Expert and YesHomebuyers.com.

He's bought and sold almost 150 properties worth nearly £17m, and helped thousands of homeowners sell their properties.

His advice articles have been viewed more than 1million times.

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Matthew Cooper


I’m Matt, I've been in the property industry since about 2008.

In that time I've bought and sold almost 150 houses, I've sold hundreds more properties for my clients, and I've helped thousands more home sellers in one way or another!

Over the years I've probably spoken with 1,000 estate agents and paid out over £300,000 in estate agency fees to the ones I've sold with. I've dealt with hundreds of solicitors in that time too...

Basically, I've seen a lot.

Where did my career start?

I never got formal training in property the way that estate agents do at the start of their careers. In hindsight though, this led me to take an unconventional approach to the problems that often crop up with property...

Turns out that unconventional approach was pretty good. In fact, it’s helped… A lot!

I've built a successful property-buying business, and over time I’ve become a trusted, established media commentator. My comments and research have featured in hundreds of news articles, including in national publications such as The Financial Times (1), (2), Daily Mail (1), (2), The Sun (1), (2), BBC Radio, and many more.

I've learned an absolute ton from my time in property, I've pretty much seen it all, and I love sharing that experience. (For example, advice articles on my other website, YesHomebuyers.com, have been viewed over 600,000 times!)

I’ve got so much more to share that’s outside the scope of that site though, which is why I launched HomeSellingExpert.co.uk.

There’s a ton of advice and guidance I’m ready to share with you…

So welcome to Home Selling Expert… Can’t wait for you to find something useful here!



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